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Awarded 2 stars by the prestigious Michelin Guide, Chef Marcel Ravin offers a bold repertoire at the restaurant Blue Bay, with a cuisine that features a fusion of Caribbean and Mediterranean flavours. Indoors, the open kitchen gives a glimpse into the chef and brigade's hustle and bustle behind the scenes. Outdoors, customers can admire the sea view from the panoramic terrace.

Terrasse Blue Bay

The secrets of the new terrace of the Michelin-starred Blue Bay restaurant

Equilibrium, panorama and travel: discover the secrets of the new terrace of the Blue Bay restaurant at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort. We talk to interior designer Alexandra Saguet, the force behind this transformation. 

Terrasse Blue Bay

Blue Bay Monaco: behind the scenes of the renovation of the two-Michelin-starred restaurant

Behind the scenes of the Blue Bay’s renovation | Interview with Chef Marcel Ravin and interior designer Alexandra Saguet 

Chef Marcel Ravin
From 29/09/2023 to 30/09/2023

Marcel Ravin x Julien Royer Four-Hands Dinners

Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer, the most highly-decorated resort in Europe with 7 Michelin stars to its name, is back with another edition of the "Festival des Etoilés Monte-Carlo".

The first two evenings of the 2023 edition will take place at the Mo

Blue Bay
Monte-Carlo Bay - Restaurant Blue Bay - Plats

Marcel Ravin (re)awakens the senses at the Blue Bay

With a Michelin star, he passionately directs the Blue Bay’s kitchens... An interview with 6 questions asked on the spot, to get to know Marcel Ravin better, one of the most talented chefs of his generation.

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Monegasque Cuisine: discover the country’s gourmet restaurants and view recipes from our chefs

Découvrez la gastronomie à Monaco à travers ses plus fiers représentants, ses meilleures recettes et ses restaurants emblématiques.

The Michelin-star chef Marcel Ravin shares an easy recipe - the roasted chicken !

What about taking advantage of this period of confinement to change the game and to spend time in the kitchen ? Chef Marcel Ravin shares an easy recipe  and tips.